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Our mission is to give customers the best Multi Linkx  instruments, ELISA kits & Clinical chemistry kits & Molecular biology products. Our products are distributed to customers throughout Pakistan.

We supply mainly to government departments. Our major client groups include research laboratories at government, industry, hospitals and universities country wide

In accordance to the tradition, Multi Linkx offers individualized customer service, innovative scientific equipment, and a comprehensive catalog offering a wide selection of product listings at a great deal.

We have well-organized scientific promotion teams to Market all these products and provide after sales services.

We have steadily expanded our line of products and created a presence in various diagnostic markets.

We have established repute for providing quality solutions, excellent customer services, and timely product delivery.

Our dedication to provide the best in science equipment, chemicals, lab. wares. Whether you work in a lab setting or perform your testing in the field, Multi Linkx has the products you need.,
24/7 support make it a pleasure to work with us.

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Unique Products Partners

Gesan Production Srl

All clinical chemistry kits

Gesan offers a complete line of liquid reagents for biochemical and immunoturbidimetry, ready.

Our line of reagents is applicable on any type of instrumentation present on the market.

A team of specialists will support you for the correct application of the reactants on your instrument.

Macrogen Inc Korea company

Oligo ( Primer )

Provides all our valued customers with Oligo Synthesis service supported by the state of the art machinery and perfected LIMS system. Our very own MOPCTM purification method that does not fall behind PAGE of HPLC purification method is included as a basic material of Oligo Synthesis service. All data are reviewed through MALDI-TOF to guarantee you the quality that may fulfill all standards.

Reddot BioTech

All ELISA kits Human and Animal

More than 6000 kinds of Elisa kits with high quality & stability, strict QC and long shelf life

Reddot Biotech Inc., located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, was founded in 2015 by an executive team with over 35 years combined experience in medical device industry.

We focus on providing customers in the global marketplace with timely customer service, reliable supply and products with superior performance. We thrive on competition, innovation and fast resource allocation for customer needs.

Reddot Biotech Inc. currently focuses on sales of reagents and related products for pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical and scientific research use. We provide more than 6000 different kinds of ELISA kits and related services.

Jiangsu Sanwe Medical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

Sperm Analyzer SW-3702


Ultrasound and Medical Information Data Processing System etc, totally four categories and 20 kinds of products.

The company has more than 10 kinds of high-tech products,16 kinds of national invention patents and 21 kinds of utility model patents. Web:

Gene Target Solutions Gene Target Solutions

PCR Tubes for Rota Gene Instruments

mL Strip Tubes and Caps

Industrial Test Systems

water testing equipment and test strips


Manufacturing unique and patented water testing equipment and test strips, Manufacturing Test Strips, Private label, photometers, colorimeters, Water Testing Products, water quality, Smart Photometers

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS) is an American manufacturer of tests strips, kits and instrumentation that revolutionized global water testing. 
ITS developed over 100 tests and proprietary chemistries many covered by our U.S. and World-wide patents and USEPA approved, compliant and verified tests. We pride ourselves in developing tests that make complex chemistry simple using environmentally friendly materials. Our cutting edge products are unique in the marketplace saving customers valuable time and money.


TIANGEN, a leading biotechnology company in China, provides customized molecular biology reagents and professional technical services to customers in the life science research field.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes technologies for genomic DNA extraction, RNA isolation, plasmid purification,PCR, RT-PCR and qRT-PCR, DNA markers, protein reagents as well as lab essential instrumentation.

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